CORELLE Divided plate (loose item)

Corelle divided plate (blh beli loose) 6-pc » 
plate size besar/dinner plate 3-pc » RM50/pc 
+ plate size kecik skit 3-pcs » RM45/pc. 

Kalau nk semua, sila EMAIL utk dpt best price.. ;)


Twilight Grove

The ever popular palette of soft blue and brown showcase beautifully layered florals and nature’s silhouettes. Muted tones and shadow background create a dramatic, fashion-forward addition to your home d├ęcor.

16-pc Set includes 4 each:
  • 10-1/4" Dinner Plates,
  • 8-3/4" Luncheon Plates,
  • 22-oz Soup / Cereal Bowls,
  • 12-oz Porcelain Mugs