Daisy Days

Set 16 pcs mengandungi:
4 biji dinner plates (10-1/4-inch)
4 biji lunch plates (8-3/4-inch)
4 biji mangkuk/ Soup/Cereal Bowl (22-oz)
4 biji Porcelain Mugs (12-oz )


This pattern strikes a perfect balance between contemporary styling and a relaxed, laid back energy. The cool blue and green pallet is casual and inviting, never too formal and never too trendy.

Set 16pcs :-
4 x 10-1/4' Dinnerplates
4 x 
8-3/4" Luncheon Plates
4 x 22-oz Soup/Cereal Bowls
4 x 12-oz Porcelain Mugs