PYROCERAM® Enhancements White Swirl 4.5L Casserole

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CORNINGWARE Stovetop Yesterday and Today...

Original Corningware Pyroceram material is Back!

We're re-introducing this classic Corningware favorite in the original Blue Cornflower and some new updated patterns!

Pyroceram, a glass-ceramic heated material was originally developed by Corning Inc. in the 1950's to be used in rocket nose cones. Further development to kitchen products resulted in CorningWare cookware, which made its debut in 1958. It was hailed as a new space-age cookware material virtually impervious to temperature extremes.
Originally targeted toward working women who wanted to cook, set an attractive table, and get out of the kitchen fast - with as little clean up as possible,this durable break and chip resistant glass cookware/bakeware is as relevant today as it was 50 years ago.

Safe for use in the freezer, broiler, microwave, stovetop and as a beautiful tabletop serving dish.

Is this your grandmother's casserole? Yes, and we're proud of it! Enjoy this versatile, classic Corningware product for many uses in your kitchen and for many generations to come!

CorningWare® Limited Edition StoveTop™ PYROCERAM® Enhancements White Swirl 4.5L Casserole ORIGINAL PYROCERAM® White Based Material
  • Electric & Gas Stovetop Safe
  • Microwave & Dishwasher Safe
  • Broiler Safe

Size = 4.5L (tinggal sebiji je ni..)
Harga = RM300.00-ada glass cover skali tau.. gambar real akan di upload nanti..
- boleh masak atas api, mirowave & Oven..

Installment boleh 2x yerr..